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Batman 3 Game  

Description: The Joker menaces to blow up Gotham City"s Power plant, Help Batman defuse all the bombs and save the city....Game Instructions :This is a fast paced game that requires quick reflexes, so be prepared. The Joker menaces to blow up Gotham City"s Power plant and plunge the city into darkness! You have to help Batman defuse all of the Joker"s bombs in every level of the power plant to save Gotham City. If a bomb"s timer reaches zero, the bomb will explode and Batman will lose a life. Every bomb has its own timer and some bombs explode faster than others, so plan ahead and defuse those with less time first. Accumulate as many extra seconds off the bomb"s timers to score big bonus points! Be on the look out for extra lives as Batman will need them! Also watch out for toxic chimneys, conveyor belts and cranes. Good Luck! Controls: Move Left= Left Arrow KeyMove Right= Right Arrow KeyJump= Up Arrow KeyDiffuse a Bomb= Down Arrow Key
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