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King of Sniper The Hostage Crisis  

Your sniper skills are needed in the King of Sniper The Hostage Crisis first person shooter.  You may have played a lot of other FPS sniper games but in this one there is an added challenge that you will have to pay attention to.  There are hostages that have been taken by the bad guys and you need to keep them safe and most important don"t shoot them.  Make sure you keep an eye on your radar so you can see where the bad guys are coming.  If you end up shooting the hostages you will lose points.  Make sure you only go after the bad guys.  If you can get a headshot you will get even more points in the King of Sniper Hostage The Crisis shooter.  Also if you kill enough bad guys you can unlock new weapons and make other upgrades that will help you survive the King of Sniper The Hostage Crisis FPS shooter.
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