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Decay of Men  

In the Decay of Men shooting, strategy and adventure game its been many years of chaos, corruption and evil in the world.  The world has become a very dangerous place and all you try to do each day is survive for another day.  There isn"t a lot of food around so that has become a reason for people to fight to survive.  But this is where your adventure begins.  You will need to gather essential elements like food, weapons, metal and other resources you will need as you try to complete your journey to the end of each level by reaching your destination.  Make sure you keep your eyes open for precious stones that you will use to upgrade your equipment.  But most of all keep your guns loaded.  The enemy is all around and you are going to need some serious shooting skills to fight your way to safety.  Get your objectives at the start of each level and then kill the required number of bad guys as you make your way to safety.

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